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417 Area Running Groups

There are so many excellent reasons to run with a group: motivation, fun, safety, fun, encouragement, fun, inspiration, fun, and did I say FUN!?! We are very fortunate to have lots of running groups to choose from in Southwest Missouri. - Morning. Evening. Short. Long. Slow. Fast. Weekend. Weekday.  Many have a “no one left behind” practice.  Here is a listing of running groups in the area. If we missed a group, let us know via!

OMRR is Providing Pacers for the Bass Pro Marathon!

OMRR is going to provide pacers for the Bass Pro Marathon and Half Marathon again this year! This is going to be an application based selection process. If you would like to apply to be a pacer, please complete the attached Google Form and send a picture. Only current active OMRR members will be considered. Applications are due by March 1, 2017 and selections will be made by March 15, 2017. Any questions - email

 Bass Pro Pacers 2016

Message From The President - February 2017

President’s Message February 2017 

Greetings OMRR Nation!

This being the first of several messages over this year, I thought we would begin with the first events of the year and move forward.

Cabin Fever Reliever and the Resolution 5k were tremendous races once again.  Rogersville High School provides us with great facilities and personnel to host our runs.  Many 20k state records were broken and many personal records achieved.  Our charity partners,   Gathering Friends and Logan-Rogersville’s Cross Country Team provided many willing volunteers. Thanks to all who participated and Thanks to all who donated items for Gathering Friends.   This event will only grow in participation and prominence.

It was announced at our annual meeting,   Margaret Gates is this years “Hall of Fame” inductee.  Margaret is a longtime supporter of OMRR and truly an inspiration to us all.  Chris and Linda Revoir were recognized for the “Gerald Glass Award for Mentorship”.   Well deserved!   .  Once again our membership stepped up with many great pot luck favorites and deserts.  No reason for anyone to leave the meeting hungry.  You nominated and elected John Everett, Kris Bossert, Lali Tucker, Sandy Keith, and Sarah Ibbotson to the Board. 

So this is old Business.  What’s the new?

Ozark Mountain Ridge Runners is not a small, whimsical group of runners.  We boast a membership of 450 Runners, families and businesses dedicated to self-improvement, friendship, charity, and good health.  Our plan is to improve upon and continue our four signature running events as well as our summer series of seminars and charity runs starting with National Running Day.  The board is implementing a newly designed sponsor/partnership program.  The program is designed to encourage businesses and individuals to partner with OMRR improving the quality of our events and increasing contributions to OMRR’s charity partners.  OMRR donated over $16,500 to our Charity partners in 2016.  Running groups provide a great way to train and socialize with other runners.  Many within our membership enjoy working with new runners.  We will be supporting the beginners groups and Bass Pro Marathon Weekend training once again. 

Triple Crown and ROTY are continuing in 2017.   These programs create the friendly competition many of our members enjoy.  Be sure to support the Triple Crown races and record them for Runner of the Year.  Winners receive cash awards and /or recognition plaques at our annual business meeting.

The board has approved linking Cabin Fever Reliever, Frisco, #Sweatfest and Run for the Ranch as a challenge for 2018.  Details will be released soon.  All 2017 events will be listed in the “upcoming events” section of the website ( soon.  Check this calendar often for details and any changes.

Registration for Frisco is available online. The Willard community and Ozark Greenways have promised outstanding support for this exciting event. 

This is your club!  Feel free to contact any board member or myself with any questions or suggestions.  Your Board is dedicated to increasing the value of your membership and race entry dollar.

So!  That seems to be it for the first message


Within the Bass Pro Fitness Weekend ad appears a photo of the Marathon start.  Identify the many OMRR members.  Forward your research to:     Subject:  Bass Pro Photo no later than February 10th.    The member identifying the most OMRR members will receive a gift card.

Triple Crown Awards!

The final results for Triple Crown 2016 have been calculated!

Triple Crown 2016 AWARDS

Winter 2016 Awards

1st Male - Mike Baxter

2nd Male - Gene Lund

1st Female - Carissa Jones

Spring 2016 Awards

1st Male - Michael Patrick

2nd Male - Rod Pennington

3rd Male - Bryan Campbell

1st Female - Jazmine Landorf

2nd Female - Stephanie Davenport

3rd Female - Carissa Jones

Summer 2016 Awards

1st Male - Ron Boyer

2nd Male - Tom Cheffins

3rd Male - Michael Patrick

1st Female - Karen McKinnis

2nd Female - Julia Witt

3rd Female - Marisa Torp

Fall 2016 Awards

1st Male - John McSpadden

1st Female - Rosie Laughlin

2nd Female - Karen McKinnis

3rd Female - Pam Sailors

Long Haul 2016 Awards

1st Male - Ron Boyer

2nd Male - John Everett

1st Female - Karen McKinnis

2nd Female - Trina Wilcox

3rd Female - Katie Wohnoutka

ROTY 2016 Awards!

The final results for ROTY 2016 have been calculated!


Overall Awards

1st Male - Richard Leiboult

2nd Male - Brian Todd

3rd Male - Ron Boyer

1st Female - Rosie Laughlin

2nd Female - Sara Ibbetson

3rd Female - Karen McKinnis

Senior Awards

1st Male - Rod Philips

2nd Male - Ron Boyer

3rd Male - Mike Baxter

1st Female - Clara Shannon

2nd Female - Margaret Gates

3rd Female - Janet Cibert

Youth Awards

1st Male - Calix Fattmann

Kid Awards

1st Female - Jazmine Landorf

2nd Female - Albani Ibbetson

3rd Female - Ashlynn Oller

Ultramarathon Awards

1st Male - Gary Shaw

2nd Male - Jeff Williams

3rd Male - Nathan Olson

1st Female - Karen McKinnis

2nd Female - Kris Bossert

3rd Female - Rachel Baker

Marathon Awards

1st Male - Marshall Reed

2nd Male - Richard White

3rd Male - Ron Boyer

1st Female - Kimi Reed

2nd Female - Sara Ibbetson

3rd Female - Pam Sailors

Long Distance Awards

1st Male - Brian Todd

2nd Male - John Everett

3rd Male - Pete Pyeatt

1st Female - Kathy Carroll

2nd Female - Trina Wilcox

3rd Female - Rebecca Shawhan

Medium Distance Awards

1st Male - Rod Philips

2nd Male - Mike Baxter

3rd Male - Tom Cheffins

1st Female - Jacquelyn Griffin

2nd Female - Jani Tucker

3rd Female - Christine Cornelius

Short Distance Awards

1st Male - Eric Johnson

2nd Male - Greg Wilke

3rd Male - Dan Wells

1st Female - Jazmine Landorf

2nd Female - Stephanie Davenport

3rd Female - Julia Witt

Energized Awards (Most Racing Miles)

1st Male - Ken Fattmann

2nd Male - Calix Fattmann

3rd Male - Jeff Williams

1st Female - Karen McKinnis

2nd Female - Katie Wohnoutka

3rd Female - Stephanie Davenport

Raciest Awards (Most Number of Races)

1st Male - Ken Fattmann

2nd Male - Tom Cheffins

3rd Male - Calix Fattmann

1st Female - Karen McKinnis

2nd Female - Becky Cumley

3rd Female - Stephanie Davenport

POWR-ful Awards

1st Male - Richard Leiboult

2nd Male - Rod Philips

3rd Male - Ron Boyer

1st Female - Rosie Laughlin

2nd Female - Sara Ibbetson

3rd Female - Karen McKinnis

Most Improved Awards (Most Pr’s in a year)

1st Male - Jeff Williams

2nd Male - Gary Shaw

3rd Male - Dan Wells

1st Female - Rebecca Shawhan

2nd Female - Jazmine Landorf

3rd Female - Karen McKinnis

2 Person Household Awards

1st - Team Rosie & Pam - Average Score = 77.4

2nd - Play Pals - Average Score = 76.1

Parent-Child Awards

1st - Sara & Albani Ibbestson - Average Score = 65.2

2nd - Ken & Calix Fattmann - Average Score = 62.7

3rd - Carissa Jones & Jazmine Landorf - Average Score = 56.8

Note ROTY Rule #13 - Non-Duplication of Awards: Only one award per person will be given with some exceptions: 2nd and 3rd place Overall winners are eligible for at most one award in the distance categories. Team winners are eligible for all individual awards. All overall and distance award winners are eligible for awards in the “fun” categories of Energized, Raciest, Most Improved ROTY, Two Person Household ROTY, and Team ROTY.

Message From The President - January 2017

Message from The President

Greetings my wonderful OMRR family!

I’m writing this a few weeks before Run For The Ranch - hoping that the weather cooperates and we aren’t running in another Polar Vortex!  This event has grown exponentially over the last few years and is a major fundraiser for the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch.

Our Annual Business Meeting is on January 21 at 5:00PM at Lincoln Hall Room 211 at Ozarks Technical College. Due to construction and new policies at Mercy we were unable to utilize the CH O’Reilly Cancer Center this year.  All OMRR members and their families are welcome to attend and are asked to bring a favorite dish or treat to share. Beverages and dinnerware will be provided.  We will vote on new board members, hand out trophies for ROTY and Triple Crown, induct a runner into the Hall of Fame and honor a runner with the Gerald Glass Award for Mentorship.  The officer and member-at-large biographies are included in this newsletter but will also be available at the meeting. Voting will take place at the meeting but mail in ballots must be postmarked by January 8th.

The weather has turned chilly these last few weeks and it’s easy to get a case of cabin fever.  Luckily Cabin Fever Reliever 20k and the Resolution 5k are just around the corner!  Both will take place on January 14, 2017 at Rogersville High School.  The first 250 registered runners will receive a custom pair of wool socks! The 20k is eligible for state age records and all finishers will receive a finisher medal.  Both events will have age group awards in 10 year age groups.  REGISTER HERE!

We are now accepting payments for ROTY 2017. Keep in mind that ROTY runs on the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) so only races completed in that calendar year count. It’s a great program and it’s a great way to track PR’s and local athletes.

2017 is looking to be a very exciting year for OMRR. Training, racing, and lots of opportunities to gather together to do what we love – RUN!

See you out on the road and trails!

Madame President