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Message From The President - August 2017

It’s incredibly difficult to believe that the midpoint of summer and the OMRR year is upon us. It’s been a busy summer with many OMRR events completed and several events ahead. Be sure to attend the Springfield Cardinals Baseball Outing, August 5th and the last of the Poker Series August 18th.

Many great summer running events remain in August and Triathlon Season is in full swing. The events page lists our two remaining Summer Triple Crown races, “Hot n Hilly” and “Royal Ride and Run” as a must do.

#Sweatfest was a great success with your club able to make donations to the Strafford Cross country team and the Strafford School Foundation. Also an honorarium was granted to our staging partner “The Landmark Church”. The track meet, jointly sponsored with Fleet Feet was a tremendous success . Runners of all ages participated in the five events. Southwest Missouri was proven to have a fast group of future runners. We look forward to this event next year. The Recycle Run and Bass Pro Training Kick off encouraged over 200 runners to come out and play. Lali and Sara have worked hard to provide assistance to help you reach your goals.

Your Board did finalize most of the details for the “Double Down” and “417 Challenge”. We are currently negotiating with our vendors to secure the awards for both. One happy thought and change - Run for the Ranch 2017 will begin the 2018 “417 challenge”. Run for the Ranch will count toward both challenges. So earn your bragging rights and great awards.

Your Board is striving to keep you informed and add value to your membership. Emails will be periodically sent as updates and reminders in addition to the Running Briefs. We also will continue the facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets as before. The website will receive a new look and become more functional. This is a major undertaking and you should view the results within 6 months.

Lots of good stuff in this issue. Enjoy!

That’s all for now! See ya out there!