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Message From the President - January 2018

It’ll Shine when it Shines!

Just not during the 18th annual ”Run for the Ranch” benefiting the Good Samaritan’s Boy’s Ranch. Those of you there, know what the conditions were before, during and after the event. For those that weren’t - there is no way to describe the day. Many have tried – all have failed! Many thanks to all of the participants, volunteers, Boy’s Ranch kids, and Board members who made this event such a success. Your efforts have generated several thousand dollars for our partner and beneficiary. Next year will be bigger and better – hopefully a little warmer.

2018 will be an exciting year for OMRR. Run for the Ranch began the 417 challenge. Currently, 452 participants and volunteers are eligible for this special challenge award. Remember all that is required is for a member to volunteer or participate in the four OMRR events.

The annual meeting is January 13th at Lincoln Hall on the OTC Campus. It is important to attend. Board members will be presenting much information concerning the direction of OMRR. Officers are elected, awards presented, the state of the club is addressed, entertainment , the new website will be introduced, old ROTY becomes new and food. Promises to be a great evening.

Cabin Fever Reliever, January 27th at the Logan Rogersville high school. Get out of the house and come run with your friends. 5k or 20k.

January is a great time to run in the Ozarks. Conditions change hourly. Dress appropriately, lace em up and be safe out there.

Enjoy your “Running Briefs”