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OMRR Triple Crown of Racing Series

Anyone can participate in the Triple Crown to win trophies and cash. However, only OMRR members that are part of the ROTY program can win random gift certificates.

There are five Triple Crown series per year, with three events per series:

  • Spring: Spring Fling
  • Summer: Summer Swell-ter
  • Fall: Fall 'n Arches
  • Winter: Winter Wish-It-Were-Spring Fling
  • Long Haul: All year, for races 10 miles and longer

Event directors can submit their event to the OMRR board for consideration as a Triple Crown event. Submitting your event prior to January 15 is highly recommended to avoid losing your spot. Triple Crown status is given preference to Triple Crown races from the previous year and to races that are close to Springfield, Missouri, and have a good reputation for being managed well. To submit your event, enter your event name and pay the $50 registration fee below. If your event is not selected to be a Triple Crown event, your registration fee will be refunded immediately. For questions, please contact .




The OMRR Triple Crown of Racing series promotes the sport of road racing and to recognize excellence in athletic performance in the Southwest Missouri area.


The Triple Crown Series consists of four seasonal Triple Crowns (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) plus a Long Distance Triple Crown. Each year, three local races will be selected to represent each single Triple Crown series (such as Spring or Summer). Anyone who completes all three races in a single Triple Crown series is eligible for awards and cash prizes. Awards will be presented to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, male and female, based on WAVA age-graded results. Cash awards will also be presented to the 1st place winners. Prizes, such as gift certificates, will be presented at random to those who complete each individual Triple Crown event (however, only OMRR members are eligible for gift certificates). Awards will be formally presented at the annual OMRR banquet each January. Rules are presented below.


  1. Awards: Awards will be presented for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, male and female, for each of the individual Triple Crown seasonal series (such as Summer or Fall). Cash awards will also be presented for 1st place winners. Awards will be based on the average WAVA age-graded POWR rating for the three races in each Triple Crown series.
  2. OMRR Membership: OMRR membership is NOT required to participate in the Triple Crown. However, only OMRR members participating in the ROTY program can win random gift certificates.
  3. Qualifying Races: Only those races selected by OMRR and announced on OMRR will qualify as official Triple Crown events.
  4. Data Entry: Each participant MUST enter his or her race results online within 7 days of the final Triple Crown event within a specific series (such as Spring or Summer), or the result will not count - no exceptions!. To be eligible for gift cards, a runner must be an OMRR member and enter race data within 7 days of each individual Triple Crown event.
  5. Official Times: Only the officially published times for running events may be used (not the time on your watch or your estimated time). Chip times are acceptable. Reporting an erroneous time will result in the disqualification of that event. Times posted on the OMRR site will be considered official for those events participating in the Triple Crown.
  6. Age Grading: All times used for ROTY awards will be based on WAVA age-graded results. Each time you enter race results, you must use your age at the time of the event.
  7. Confirmation of Results: Participants are wholly responsible for providing confirmation of performance data upon request to . This means that it is the responsibility of the participant to provide an accurate copy of any race results not displayed on the OMRR site. The inability or unwillingness to confirm race results to the satisfaction of the Triple Crown director will result in those results being removed from consideration for an award. Therefore, participants are strongly encouraged to print an official copy of race results if those results do not appear on the OMRR web site or elsewhere online.
  8. Gift Certificates: While OMRR membership is not required to participate in the Triple Crown Series, and it is not required to win trophies or cash awards, OMRR membership is required to receive the randomly drawn gift certificates.
  9. Amendments: These rules may be amended by the Triple Crown director as necessary during the program year.