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Fitness Series - Cohick Half Marathon

Fitness Series - Cohick Half Marathon logo
Nov. 3, 2019
7 a.m.
Half Marathon
Bass Pro Shops
1935 S Campbell
Springfield,  MO
Date: Sunday, November 3 Start Time: 7:00 AM Starting Line: Bass Pro Shops, 1935 S. Campbell Avenue, Springfield, MO 65807 (Grand Entrance) Finish Line: John A. and Genny Morris Conservation Center, 600 W. Sunshine, Springfield, MO The Maynard Cohick Half-Marathon is a gold-standard race, perfect race for seasoned and beginner half-marathoners. Participants in the half-marathon start at the same time as marathon and marathon-relay. Half-marathoners and marathoners will run together for the first 10.3 miles; half marathon runners will break and run the last 5K to the finish while marathoners will continue to take in some of the beauty of Springfield. Overall, the course is excellent in every way and it displays the beautiful Autumn foliage of the Ozarks. Runners can expect some rolling hills from miles two through five but the course is mostly flat and excellent for those who are seeking a personal record. The route takes runners through the back of Mother's Brewing Company while on Grant Avenue, just before mile five. Runners have been known to spend some time here, enjoying the specialty beverages being poured by volunteers from Mother's! The finish area is in front of both the new Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Acquarium and the John A. and Genny Morris Conservation Center. This event could be part of your participation in the Run Across Missouri or Run Across Springfield Challenges! If you are completing these series, make sure to select the correct option when registering. LOEHR BACK2BACK CHALLENGE Remember, if you complete one Marathon Weekend event and one Dogwood Canyon Trail Run event, you will have completed the Loehr Back2Back Challenge and will receive a Back2Back Challenge amenity.