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ROTY Program

Purpose and Overview

The purpose of the ROTY program is to promote the sport of road racing and to recognize excellence in runner performance in the Southwest Missouri. Awards will be given in several categories: overall, senior, youth, kid, ultra-marathon, marathon, long distance, medium distance, short distance, highest power rating, most races, most improved and dynamic participator. Awards will include cash, gift cards and trophies or plaques. Some awards will be based on luck-of-the-draw rather than performance.


OMRR Membership: Participation in the ROTY program is limited to OMRR members that have paid the ROTY program entry fee. The OMRR membership must be current on December 31 of the program year to qualify for end-of-year awards.

Registration and Entry Fees: Participants register online at the OMRR Website. The entry fee is $15 per year. Only races that occur after the fee has been paid can be counted for the ROTY program. Race results must be entered within 30 days of the race.

Qualifying Races: Races qualify for the ROTY program if they are a standard distance (as listed on the ROTY program data entry page) and properly managed (including accurate distance and officially published results). The OMRR Board reserves the right to disqualify any race for inclusion based on these criteria. Running segments of events such as triathlons can be entered if they meet the above standard. Races of non-standard distance can be entered at the next lower standard distance. A non-standard distance may also be entered as “other,” but it would be counted only in the most races and dynamic participator categories.

Calculation of Awards: Participants must have the minimum distribution of required races to qualify for a particular category. Race distance substitutions are not allowed (Example: A 10K cannot be used in place of a 5k.). Awards for the distance categories are based on the average WMA (World Masters Athletics) POWR (percent of world record) rating for the exact distribution of races listed in an upcoming section of these rules. If more than the minimum required races of any distance are recorded, only those with the highest POWR ratings will be used in the final calculation. Three places will be awarded in all categories except dynamic participator. The dynamic participator award is based solely on logging 8 races during the year.

Race Location: At least half of the qualifying races for any award must be within a 100-mile driving distance of Springfield. The other half of the qualifying races may be located any place in the world. Exceptions are the ultra-marathon and marathon categories due to the limited number of local races.

Official Times: Only officially published times for a race may be used. If times are not reported by the event officials, the race cannot be used for the ROTY program. Chip times are acceptable if reported by the event officials.

WMA Age Grading: All times and POWR ratings used for the ROTY program will be based on WMA age graded results thus allowing all ages to compete on a more even playing field. After a runner’s race information is entered, the calculations are automatically performed by the software. The runner’s age on January 1of the program year will be used for the calculations. The calculations also take into consideration the gender of the runner.

Individual Scoring: For single-distance categories, the POWR ratings for the specified number of races are simply added together (Example: The short distance category requires 5 races so the maximum theoretical POWR score would be 500.). For multiple distance categories such as overall, the average POWR score for each required distance is simply added together (Example: The overall category has four distance requirements so the maximum score would be 400. Usain Bolt couldn’t score 400.).

Number and Type of Race for Each Award Category: Awards are given to the top males and females in each category.

  • Overall (any age)—marathon (1), long distance (1), medium distance (3), short distance (5)
  • Senior (60 or older on January 1)—long distance (1), medium distance (2), short distance (4)
  • Youth (13 to 17 on January 1)—officially timed race of 1 mile or longer (4)
  • Kid (under 13 on January 1)—officially timed race of 1 mile or longer (2)
  • Ultra-marathon—standard distances greater than 26.2 miles (1)
  • Marathon—26.2 miles (2)
  • Long distance—half marathon up to, but not including, marathon (2)
  • Medium distance—8K up to, but not including, half marathon (3)
  • Short distance—1 mile up to, but not including, 8K (5)
  • POWR rating—average WMA score for the top 10 races
  • Most improved—the total number of PRs (personal records)
  • Raciest—the total number of races logged during the year
  • Dynamic participator—for runners that have logged 8 or more races during the year

Year-end Awards: Only one award per person will be given with these exceptions: Second and third overall winners and senior winners are eligible for one award in the distance categories. All overall and distance award winners are eligible for awards in the categories of POWR rating, most improved and raciest. The dynamic participator award is limited to those that have not won another award. All paid participants will receive the ROTY program shirt.

Additional Awards: Other awards in the form of cash, gift cards and free race entries may be awarded throughout the ROTY program year at the discretion of the OMRR Board.