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417 Area Running Groups

There are so many excellent reasons to run with a group: motivation, fun, safety, fun, encouragement, fun, inspiration, fun, and did I say FUN!?! We are very fortunate to have lots of running groups to choose from in Southwest Missouri. - Morning. Evening. Short. Long. Slow. Fast. Weekend. Weekday.  Many have a “no one left behind” practice.  Here is a listing of running groups in the area. If we missed a group, let us know via!

Message From The President - February 2016

Greetings my wonderful OMRR family!

I want to give a large THANK YOU to our outgoing Board Members, Rosie Laughlin and Emma Schuering.  Both did an outstanding job in leading our members through the Speedwork Challenge and Bass Pro Training.  

I would also like to welcome our newest Board Members - Rod Pennington, Dee Thomas, and Dan Wells. Welcome aboard!

It doesn’t feel very much like winter as I write this from my deck enjoying the sunshine, but 2015 was a very successful and rewarding year for OMRR. In December we held our 16th Annual Run for the Ranch in some gorgeous weather. In the end, we raised enough to donate $6,000 to the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. Run for the Ranch will be held on December 31, 2016 - mark your calendars!

The Frisco Railroad Run is coming up on April 30, 2015 - I have put in an order for beautiful Ozarks spring weather. Planning is well under way and we have been selected as the RRCA Missouri State Championship for the 50 mile distance. Registration is now open - you can register here - FRISCO REGISTRATION

Some other news:

  • OMRR will be providing pacers for the Bass Pro Half and Full Marathon again this year.  To apply, fill out the PACER APPLICATION and email a photo to

  • The Turkey Trot needs a new course for the 2016 event.  A contest is being held for OMRR members to help select the new course.  Members are invited to submit a digital route (Garmin, Strava, MapMyRun, etc) to me (  We will post the routes on Facebook and the top two receiving votes will go to the park board for final selection.  Contest winner will receive some gift cards from OMRR and a “Run SGF” shirt from Ultramax.

We had our first board meeting last week and lots was accomplished.  We are a team of 10 individuals dedicated to making OMRR the BEST running club. Here’s the roles for board members this year - if you have questions, comments, or concerns reach out to any of them.

  • Stephanie - President (general club stuff, complaints, suggestions, etc)

  • Richard - Vice President (operations, logistics, rule enforcer)

  • Mary - Treasurer (protector of your dues and all OMRR money)

  • Emm- Secretary (membership, newsletter, volunteer recruiter, and resident algebra expert)

  • Dan - Special Events (coordinating all the fun stuff OMRR does through the year.)

  • Chris - Merchandise (cool medals, cool shirts, and cool OMRR stuff to purchase)

  • John & Rod - Sponsorship (getting businesses and groups invested in OMRR, so we can give even more back to the community.)

  • Dee - Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram oh my! Spreading awareness of OMRR and our events throughout 417 land and the world!)

  • Mike - Bass Pro Training (training plan, routes, and getting up before dawn on Saturdays)

The Double Down is coming back!  There are multiple ways to complete the Double Down - either run at both events or volunteer at one of the events or volunteer at both events! If a person volunteers for at least 4 hours at Frisco and/or RFTR they will be eligible to receive the Double Down blanket

More new and exciting things in the works but I don’t want to spill the beans just yet, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out the latest news for OMRR.

Remember, whether it’s 10 miles or one, you will NEVER regret lacing up those running shoes and going outside.

See you out on the road and trails!

Madame President

OMRR Providing Pacers for Bass Pro Marathon!

OMRR is going to provide pacers for the Bass Pro Marathon and Half Marathon again this year! This is going to be an application based selection process. If you would like to apply to be a pacer, please complete the attached Google Form and send a picture. Only current active OMRR members will be considered. Applications are due by Friday, February 5, 2016 and selections will be made by February 8, 2016. Any questions - email

 OMRR Pacers

Board of Directors - year 2016

We had great nominees for the OMRR Board of Directors and the vote was extremely tight for the directors at large (the choice of a vice president, a treasurer, and a secretary was a no-brainer).

Congratulation to those who were re-elected (Mike Baxter ) or elected (Rod pennington, Dee Blankenship Thomas, Dan Wells). The composition of the board for this year is:

President: Stephanie Davenport

Vice president: Richard Leiboult

Treasurer: Mary Miles

Secretary: Emm Foster

Directors at large: Chris Thomas, John Everett, Mike Baxter, Rod Pennington, Dan Wells, Dee Blankenship Thomas

Triple Crown 2015 Final Results!

Winter 2015
1M - Jerry Ragsdale 1F - Rosie Laughlin
2M - Ron Boyer 2F - Karen McKinnis
3M - Gene Lund 3F - Sharon Hendrix
Spring 2015
1M - Ron Boyer 1F - Karen McKinnis
2M - Rod Pennington 2F - Clara Shannon
Summer 2015
1M -Jerry Ragsdale 1F - Karen McKinnis
2M - Ron Boyer  
3M - David Matthews  
Fall 2015
1M - Jerry Ragsdale 1F - Karen McKinnis
2M - Ron Boyer 2F - Gayla Wells
3M - Dan Wells  
Long Haul 2015
1M - Greg Wilke 1F - Sara Ibbetson
2M - Dan Wells 2F - Karen McKinnis
3M - Bill Laws 3F - Kathy Carroll