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PR Corner - October Races

It’s PR-ty time!  When you enter race data into the site you can flag it as a PR.  Each month we will have a random gift card drawing - for every 10 PR’s entered into the race site we will give away 1 gift card. 

In October, we had 43 PR’s entered into the site - this means we are giving away 4 gift cards for those who got a PR in October.

The winners are Iosefina Doroscan (PR at Dogwood 25K & Chicago Marathon ), Danny Perches (PR at Dogwood 15K & Dogwood 25K), Mark Harris (PR at Panther Run 15K) and Jeff Williams (PR at Fast and the Furriest 5K, Dogwood 15K & Dogwood 25K)

Way to go!!  Send an email to and let us know if you would like a Bass Pro, Ridge Runner Sports, Ultramax, Subway, or Starbucks gift card.

For more information or to see the great accomplishments of our members, check out the PR Corner under the Programs menu.

Message From The President - November 2015

Greetings my wonderful OMRR family!

Well, here we are in November. Bass Pro Fitness Festival events are wrapped up and everyone who participated gets a big CONGRATULATIONS and everyone who volunteered gets a big THANK YOU! It’s always special to see runner accomplish great things at a hometown race. Shout out to Emma who organized the training runs for Marathon weekend and organized the volunteers for our aid station. Shout out to Kris Bossert and Emm Foster who got the aid station set up in the morning and stayed until the last runner came through.

The Turkey Trot in Springfield is looking for volunteers. If you would like to sign up – click HERE. The corral enforcers can run the event along with volunteering, if they wish.

Mary is working on the Annual Christmas Party – it will be on December 8 at OTC Springfield Campus (same place as last year). We will be having a chili cookoff and expanding it to include soup, desserts, and sides.

Run For The Ranch registration is going great – we have 16 states represented so far! We are recruiting volunteers HERE.

OMRR’s new event is the Cabin Fever Reliever on January 16 – there are 20K and 5K options. This run will benefit Gathering Friends, as well as the Rogersville Cross Country team.

Last, we are currently accepting nominations for the OMRR Board of Directors, Hall of Fame, and Gerald Glass Award through December 1, 2015. For more details, see the insert in this newsletter.

See you out on the road and trails!

Madame President

Fall Triple Crown Standings After 2 Events

The results for the Fall Triple Crown have been calculated - taking into account 2 of the 3 races!  Below are the results so far:

Fall Results After 2 Events

1st Male - Jerry Ragsdal
2nd Male - Ron Boyer

3rd Male - John McSpadden

1st Female - Karen McKinnis
2nd Female - Becky Cumley
3rd Female - Gayla Wells

Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, places at the Annual OMRR Banquet in January.  The last Fall Triple Crown event is the Christmas Mile!

Summer Triple Crown Results

The results for the Summer Triple Crown have been calculated!Below are the results:

1st Male - Ron Boyer

2nd Male - Jerry Ragsdale

3rd Male - David Matthews

1st Female - Karen McKinnis

Trophies are awarded for at the Annual OMRR Banquet in January. The next Triple Crown event is the Christmas Mile on December 12th, which wraps up the Fall Triple Crown!