Train for the health of it ... Race for the fun of it!

417 Area Running Groups

There are so many excellent reasons to run with a group: motivation, fun, safety, fun, encouragement, fun, inspiration, fun, and did I say FUN!?! We are very fortunate to have lots of running groups to choose from in Southwest Missouri. - Morning. Evening. Short. Long. Slow. Fast. Weekend. Weekday.  Many have a “no one left behind” practice.  Here is a listing of running groups in the area. If we missed a group, let us know via!

Message From the President - November 2017

Nothing but fun!

November has to be the best running month of the year!  The weather is cooling, the countryside is coloring, and a multitude of great events are planned for you.

OMRR will be highly visible during the Bass Pro fitness events.  Many of our members will be serving at our aid stations during Fitness Weekend and Dogwood Canyon, and of course many of you will run. It’s never too late to enjoy this event.  Don’t forget the OMRR photo just before the start. 

Another Southwest Missouri and OMRR tradition falls on Thanksgiving with the “Turkey Trot”. 

Your board has approved several Changes to the Runner of the Year program beginning in 2018.  Help us determine a new name and join us in meeting the competitive challenges of the new program.  For our younger area runners and members, the age restriction for our half marathon event has been lowered from age16 to age 13. 

Nominations for the Hall of Fame and Gerald Glass Award are being accepted.  Board member nominations are being accepted also. 

So, I will leave it with you! 

See you out there!


Message From the President - October 2017

And on It Goes!

October and November are especially exciting months for OMRR members. Running events abound. Biking, duathlons, and trail runs are hosted for many of our multisport members. OMRR is heavily involved in the Bass Pro fitness series. OMRR members will be volunteering at aid stations, pacing, marking the trail courses, and helping at the respite areas for the Marathon Weekend. We still need assistance for the marathon aid station. So consider running your 5k or half and helping out. Please contact Lali or Kris.

News from the Road Runners Club of America! RRCA would like our club to select a State Representative. This person would work with other RRCA clubs in Missouri, help select and promote the state championship series, promote RRCA programs and attend the annual convention. This is a great compliment to you. Should you be interested in learning more about this position, feel free to contact me.

The website is coming along. Plans are to open the new improved version to the membership during the annual meeting in January. The board is considering an OMRR app as well. All will be better in Tech land.

Only seven weeks until Turkey Trot. Once again OMRR will be providing generous door prizes and sponsoring cross country team’s assistance at packet pick up and on race day. Your help is needed for packet pickup, corral keeping, refreshments, flags, etc. Turkey Trot has become a tradition in the Ozarks. Our goal is to make it bigger and better. This is a OMRR fund raiser so please help out.

Trash pick up! Our commitment to keeping the Ozarks the Ozarks requires us to pick up trash along Z highway . Some will run earlier at Wilson’s Creek Battlefield with Trash Pickup following . OMRR will provide lunch for you after. Oct 15th, 11:00 A:M at Republic High school.

Board Elections. September’s “Running Briefs” outlined the criteria and process for nominating your friends to the OMRR board of Directors. Nominations are now open. There are many talented members who will make excellent board members. Send us their names. Nominations for “Hall of Fame” and the “Gerald Glass” award are open also.

Everything else! Kris is working on the OMRR trip. Expect an announcement soon. Run for the Ranch has been finalized. We are receiving a good number of out of the area entries. Remember: The Dual Challenge and 417 Challenge ends and starts with Run for the Ranch. Bass Pro Training is rocking along. Kudos to Lali and Sara. That’s all for now! Enjoy your “Running Briefs”!

Hope to see you out there!


Summer 2017 Triple Crown Results

The 2017 Summer Triple Crown results have been calculated, and the winners are:


1. Ron Boyer

2. Tom Cheffins

3. Ryan Slight


1. Karen McKinnis

2. Trina Wilcox

Message From the President - September 2017

Good Morning OMRR Nation!

Seems lots have happened since the last Running Briefs. Most students are in class, we have enjoyed the solar eclipse, and watched as a storm ravaged our southern coasts. Please keep thoughts and prayers for the good folks in Texas and the other areas burdened by Harvey. Help when you can!

Lots of great happenings within OMRR for the last trimester of the year. I’m excited!

Lali and Sara have a tremendous running group for Bass Pro Marathon Weekend Training with 30-40 runners of all skill levels weekly. E-mails and social media post the weekly location for the training runs. We will be hosting a special training run September 9th at Phelps Grove Park. Breakfast will be prepared for all runners as a half way to the goal celebration treat. Come run, eat and visit. Will be a fun morning! The following week we will be hosting our annual picnic at Living Memorial Park near the Conservation Nature Center. Jeff Witt will be preparing his great entre’ and cookies. Bring your families and enjoy the park, food, prizes, and fellowship with your friends.

As previously written, the website is in great need of a face lift. The first rough out of the new website is fantastic. This should be up and running sooner than anticipated. Also we are reviewing the ROTY and Triple Crown programs. Expect some positive changes to these contests beginning next year. Deferral registration from Frisco has started. Please keep in mind that the registration deferral must be completed by April 1, 2018. All requirements have been met and “Run for the Ranch” has been approved by the City and University. December 30th is the date to run your loops for the half marathon, Marathon, 6 hour endurance and Marathon Relay. The Marathon Relay is gaining in popularity with many new catagories to be added this year. These will be announced soon. So run your half or marathon and then join your relay team. A great way to end the year.

OMRR is once again greatly involved in the Bass Pro fitness festival events. Volunteers are needed for Festival Weekend and Dogwood. We are in need of aid station, course, and food area volunteers. Assistance with marking the Dogwood Canyon Trail courses is needed also. Please contact Kris Bossert or myself should you be able to help.

And lastly: This issue requires the notification to the membership of the election of officers to your Board for 2018.

We will be looking to fill the Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer’s positions and well as three Board Members at Large. Please take a moment to consider who you might wish to be a board member and nominate this member as directed. It only takes a moment.

Lots of great local running events to support as we head into Fall. So that’s all for now! See you out there!


Message From The President - August 2017

It’s incredibly difficult to believe that the midpoint of summer and the OMRR year is upon us. It’s been a busy summer with many OMRR events completed and several events ahead. Be sure to attend the Springfield Cardinals Baseball Outing, August 5th and the last of the Poker Series August 18th.

Many great summer running events remain in August and Triathlon Season is in full swing. The events page lists our two remaining Summer Triple Crown races, “Hot n Hilly” and “Royal Ride and Run” as a must do.

#Sweatfest was a great success with your club able to make donations to the Strafford Cross country team and the Strafford School Foundation. Also an honorarium was granted to our staging partner “The Landmark Church”. The track meet, jointly sponsored with Fleet Feet was a tremendous success . Runners of all ages participated in the five events. Southwest Missouri was proven to have a fast group of future runners. We look forward to this event next year. The Recycle Run and Bass Pro Training Kick off encouraged over 200 runners to come out and play. Lali and Sara have worked hard to provide assistance to help you reach your goals.

Your Board did finalize most of the details for the “Double Down” and “417 Challenge”. We are currently negotiating with our vendors to secure the awards for both. One happy thought and change - Run for the Ranch 2017 will begin the 2018 “417 challenge”. Run for the Ranch will count toward both challenges. So earn your bragging rights and great awards.

Your Board is striving to keep you informed and add value to your membership. Emails will be periodically sent as updates and reminders in addition to the Running Briefs. We also will continue the facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets as before. The website will receive a new look and become more functional. This is a major undertaking and you should view the results within 6 months.

Lots of good stuff in this issue. Enjoy!

That’s all for now! See ya out there!